Thursday, November 1, 2012

Farewell Target!

You wouldn't believe how long I've waited to write this! My days at Target and in retail are over! I have been hired onto the General Medical Unit (GMU) at Presbyterian Hospital. Where 140,000 people apply each year and only 1,200-1,300 are hired annually! My last day at Target was 10/28/2012 and my first day at Presbyterian was 10/29/2012. However, before I move on to bigger and better things I would like to take a few paragraphs to reminisce on the things I won't miss, the things I will miss, and what I'm looking forward to! Sounds like fun, right?! Let's begin:

What I won't miss: 
  • People coming to me in the fitting room and asking, "did my (kid/spouse/sibling) go in there?" ...I always held back a sarcastic remark and bit my tongue so I wouldn't say something like 'I have 7 people back here, have no idea who you are, and have no idea who your kid is!' Instead of saying that I would simply say, "You know, I have no idea, you're more than welcome to go back and yell their name!" :D
  • Parents dropping popcorn on the floor, picking it up, going to put it in their mouth, then re-thinking that idea and giving it to their children instead. What's even better is when they leave the popcorn on the floor and roll their carts over it multiple times and then come to me and say, "oh, there's some popcorn crushed all over there!" 
  • The sound of people rustling through clothes/hangers on my freshly zoned rack. Don't they know how hard I worked to finger space all of those items? 
  • Finding half full or empty Starbucks/sodas hidden on shelves, under clothes, and left dumped on the floor. There are trashcans for that!
  • Phone calls on the holidays asking if we're open...the funny thing is that they have to listen to our greeting which tells them that we're open!
  • Guests coming up to the cash register saying, "Make sure those come up the right price...the sign says 5 for $20!!!" ...if they ever took math they'd know that the original price is $4 which means they will most definitely ring up 5 for 20...I simply tell the guest, "Oh trust me, they will ring up the correct price!" :D 
  • Holidays...'Nuff said!
  • People trying on 29 items and not getting a single item and not hanging up rude!
  • Individuals dropping items on the floor, looking at me, looking at the item, and proceeding to walk away from the item! Yeah, I saw that!
  • Tables that have folded items on better take a picture while you can because as soon as you turn your back the tables are a mess all over again!
  • Activewear - more specifically - zoning and putting those items active wear you have 5 pants that are almost exactly the same, but one has a thicker waist band and the stripe down the leg of the other pant is just a little thicker than the other one!
  • Managers...when you tell them something it goes in one ear and out the other...Managers motto is: Do as I say, not as I do!
  • Retail and the people who shop it!
  • The paychecks

Alright...onto a brighter note...Here's what I am looking forward to:
  • Being able to shop at Target!!! :D
What will I miss?
  • I will miss the friends that I've made along the way...let Target continue to motivate you to get a college education and get the heck out of retail!!! :D